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June 2018 is Typhoon Preparedness Month




NWS Issues Airport Wind Advisory

The National Weather Service (NWS) - Guam Weather Forecast Office advised a trade-wind surge will bring stronger trade winds to the area the next couple of days along with a few more showers. 

An airport wind advisory is in effect for the Guam International Airport until 7 p.m. this evening. Winds from the east at 15 to 20 knots with higher gusts up to 35 knots are expected.

Circulation Has Low Possibility of Development – No Threat to the Marianas

The National Weather Service (NWS), Guam Weather Forecast Office advised that the circulation they were monitoring earlier in the week that was near Kosrae remains very weak and disorganized. This has resulted in the Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center being cancelled. There is a low possibility of development over the next 24 hours.

What used to be the disturbance near Kosrae from a couple of days ago is now just a surface trough east of the Marianas. Showers and thunderstorms will increase for the day Saturday then slowly diminish Sunday.

NWS Closely Monitors Developing Circulation Near Kosrae

The National Weather Service (NWS), Guam Weather Forecast Office is closely monitoring a developing circulation about 115 miles north of Kosrae, near 7 degrees north latitude and 163 degrees east longitude.

The disturbance is the subject of a tropical cyclone formation alert by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, meaning the disturbance could become a tropical cyclone in the next 12 to 24 hours.

JIC Release No. 10 - Guam now in COR4

Guam in COR 4 as of 11 a.m.

Guam is now in Condition of Readiness (COR) 4. Typhoon Mang-Yi passed south-southwest of Guam through the morning and continues on its west-northwest track moving away from Guam at 31 mph. Damaging winds are no longer a threat to Guam. The National Weather Service has canceled the tropical storm warning for Guam and Rota.

The community is advised to stay out of the waters until hazardous conditions subside. Surf of 12 to 13 feet will continue to cause hazardous sea conditions.