About Citizens Corps

The mission of Citizen Corps is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds.


Citizen Corps provides opportunities for people across the country to participate in a range of measures to make their families, their homes, and their communities safer. Through public education, training opportunities, and volunteer programs, every American can do their part to be better prepared and better protected.


By participating in Citizen Corps programs, one can make our home, our neighborhood and our community a safer place to live.


Activities under Citizen Corps include existing and new federally sponsored programs administered under the Department of Justice (USAonWatch, Volunteers in Police Service — VIPS aka Community Assisted Police Effort — CAPE,) Fire Corps, under FEMA (Community Emergency Response Teams — CERT), and under DHHS (Medical Reserve Corps), as well as other activities that share the common goal of community and family safety.



Citizen Corps Partner Programs:



For more information, contact (671) 475-9600.




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June 2018 is Typhoon Preparedness Month