Weather Research Study Underway

Weather Research Study Underway

A meteorologist from the National Weather Service – Guam Weather Forecast Office, Marcus Landon Aydlett, in coordination with the University of Alabama, Center for Advanced Public Safety, is conducting a weather communications research study called, “How do the People of Guam Receive their Weather Information.” The study is being done via survey now through September 14, 2018.
The purpose of the study is to better understand how people on Guam get their weather information: sources, technologies, habits and to recognize gaps in the process and evaluate ways to better communicate weather hazard and forecast information.
The information gathered from the survey will also benefit Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense (GHS/OCD) in public information planning as it relates to heavy weather incidents. The survey is open to anyone 18 and older living on Guam and is completely voluntary. Any name and identity provided during the survey will not be linked to the information provided.
NWS and GHS/OCD encourage all Guam residents to take part in the survey. The information provided from the study could lead to better weather information provided for the island community.
The survey is available online through the following links:  
The survey will also be available via volunteers in the community with hard copies.
For more information, contact Marcus Landon Aydlett at (671) 777-5337 or via email at


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