U.S. DHS Updates National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin


U.S. DHS Updates National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin

The Offices of Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense (GHS/OCD) and the Mariana Regional Fusion Center (MRFC) follow the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) updates to the National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS), including the one issued today regarding the continued heightened threat environment across the United States.

“The newly issued NTAS bulletin replaces the previous one that was set to expire today. The bulletin is now set to expire on May 24, 2023 and is relative to the current threat environment across the United States, to include lone offenders and small groups motivated by a range of ideological beliefs or grievances that continue to pose a threat to the Homeland,” said Samantha Brennan, Guam Homeland Security Advisor. “The community is advised to stay vigilant by staying up to date with current information, practice caution while online, be alert in large social gatherings, and report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement or the MRFC.”

Since December 2015, DHS has included the NTAS Bulletin as a form of advisory, which provides information to the public. It describes broader, more general trends and current developments regarding threats of terrorism. The NTAS features an advisory system that consists of two types: Bulletins and Alerts. For more information on the levels of advisory, visit https://www.dhs.gov/ntas-frequently-asked-questions.

The community is advised to report any suspicious activity, social media posts or messages relating to current events, to local authorities and the MRFC via email at mrfc@ghs.guam.gov, following the Department of Homeland Security campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something.” In the event of an emergency, call 911.

For more details on the inclusion of the NTAS Bulletin, and to review any alerts or bulletins issued by DHS, visit https://www.dhs.gov/national-terrorism-advisory-system.  Attached is the most recent NTAS bulletin, issued November 30, 2022 (EDT). GHS/OCD will continue to share any bulletins or alerts issued by DHS.  

For more information, contact GHS/OCD Public Information Officer, Jenna G. Blas at (671) 489-2540 or via email at jenna.g.blas@ghs.guam.gov



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