JIC RELEASE NO. 342 - Supplemental Emergency Allotment Issuances for September 2020


JIC RELEASE NO. 342 - Supplemental Emergency Allotment Issuances for September 2020

COVID-19 test results are reported from multiple labs at varying times of the day. The Joint Information Center will report cumulative COVID-19 test results once a day, unless unavailable. 

For information on COVID-19 cases, visit the COVID-19 Dashboard and Situation Report at http://dphss.guam.gov/covid-19/. The COVID-19 Dashboard is updated on business days.

SNAP Supplemental Emergency Allotment Issuances for September 2020
The Department of Public Health (DPHSS) announces that the Emergency Allotments (supplements) of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for the month of September will be released today, September 18, 2020. These benefits will be electronically loaded into the SNAP recipients’ EBT cards.

As a reminder, the law authorized the issuance of emergency supplemental benefits to households receiving SNAP up to the maximum allowable SNAP monthly benefit for a household’s size. Calculation is based on the number of eligible household members. Households that already received the maximum benefit for their household’s size will not receive an additional emergency allotment.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Bureau of Economic Security (BES) numbers below:

  • BES North (Dededo) at 635-7488/635-7484/635-7439/635-7430

  • BES Central (RAN-Care) at 300-8853/300-8854/300-8850/300-8865


For the latest information on COVID-19, visit dphss.guam.gov or guamrecovery.com. For inquiries on COVID-19, contact 311 through a local number, or call the Joint Information Center at (671) 478-0208/09/10.



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