JIC RELEASE NO. 340 - Governor Signs Executive Order No. 2020-32


JIC RELEASE NO. 340 - Governor Signs Executive Order No. 2020-32

COVID-19 test results are reported from multiple labs at varying times of the day. The Joint Information Center will report cumulative COVID-19 test results once a day, unless unavailable. 


For information on COVID-19 cases, visit the COVID-19 Dashboard and Situation Report at http://dphss.guam.gov/covid-19/. The COVID-19 Dashboard is updated on business days.


Governor Signs Executive Order No. 2020-32

Today, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero signed Executive Order No. 2020-32 relative to continuing Stay-at-Home Order. Guam continues to be in PCOR 1. All persons in Guam are directed to continue to stay at home, subject to limited exceptions such as obtaining food and household necessities, going to and from work at authorized businesses, seeking medical care, caring for dependents or pets, caring for a vulnerable person in another location, or for individual exercise. 


Most businesses and public accommodations will continue to be closed and prohibited from on-site operations. This prohibition on operations shall not apply to specifically enumerated businesses as set forth in applicable DPHSS Guidance.


Non-essential retail businesses are permitted to operate, subject to applicable DPHSS Guidance which shall include, at minimum, that customers shall not be permitted to enter the physical premises but shall be permitted to pick up goods outside of the establishment from which they have already placed their orders. Additionally, eating establishments may allow customers to enter their premises for the limited purpose of take-out dining, subject to applicable DPHSS Guidance.


The Guam Election Commission (GEC) is authorized to conduct In Office Absentee Voting for the 2020 General Election by appointment, effective September 19, 2020. Prospective voters may contact GEC directly for more information or to schedule an appointment. All in-person voting and related activities are subject to mitigation measures delineated in applicable DPHSS Guidance, including the wearing of masks, social distancing, and frequent disinfection of surfaces.


For the latest information on COVID-19, visit dphss.guam.gov or guamrecovery.com. For inquiries on COVID-19, contact 311 through a local number, or call the Joint Information Center at (671) 478-0208/09/10.


20.0917 LAT to Speaker re Executive Order No. 2020-32 - Relative to Continuing the Stay-at-Home Order with Additional Services



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