JIC RELEASE NO. 329 - Food Commodities Distribution Through Village Mayors Continues;GDOL Program Seeks to Hire Contact Tracers


JIC RELEASE NO. 329 - Food Commodities Distribution Through Village Mayors Continues;GDOL Program Seeks to Hire Contact Tracers

COVID-19 test results are reported from multiple labs at varying times of the day. The Joint Information Center will report cumulative COVID-19 test results once a day, unless unavailable. 

For information on COVID-19 cases, visit the COVID-19 Dashboard and Situation Report at http://dphss.guam.gov/covid-19/. The COVID-19 Dashboard is updated on business days.

Food Commodities Distribution Through Village Mayors Continues 
The Guam Department of Education (GDOE), State Agency for the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Nutrition Service (FNS) is continuing the distribution of food commodities for the month of September in partnership with the local mayors.

Commodities are being distributed through each mayor at the village level. This distribution method will be a drive-through or door-to-door delivery to provide easier access to food commodities for residents while also minimizing traffic-related issues.

Recipients will receive one bag of TEFAP food commodities per household to include egg noodles, elbow macaroni, cereal, instant milk, canned pears, peaches, beef stew, and lentils to include additional commodities as they arrive. Commodities will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last. Commodity distribution in each village will be available to village constituents only and residents should call each mayor’s office for more information. The distribution schedule for the next week is as follows:




Distribution Method

Sept. 15, 2020


Drive-through at Tamuning Community & Senior Citizens Center; 2-5pm

Sept. 15, 2020


Drive-through at Yigo Gym; 9-12pm 

Sept. 15, 2020

Santa Rita 

Door to door (Manamko/Individuals with disabilities) 

Sept. 16, 2020

Santa Rita

Drive-through at Santa Rita Senior Center; 12:30-5pm

Sept. 16, 2020


Drive-through at Agat Mayor’s Office, 10-2pm or while supplies last

Sept. 17, 2020


Drive-through at Barrigada Veterans Association (old library); 11-1pm

Sept. 18, 2020


Door to door (Manamko/individuals with disabilities)

Sept. 23, 2020


Drive-through at Inarajan Mayor’s Office; 8:30-11:30am, 1:30-4pm

Sept. 23, 2020


Distribution at Talofofo Mayor’s Office beginning at 9am; Door to door (for manamko and those without transportation)

Sept. 24, 2020


Door to door

Sept. 24, 2020


Door to door

Sept. 24, 2020


Drive through at Yona Gym; 8am until supplies last


A total of 2,900 bags of food commodities will be distributed this coming week. Participants are reminded to wear a mask, maintain physical distancing, and follow all traffic directions and signage.

GDOL Program Seeks to Hire Contact Tracers
The Guam Department of Labor (DOL) is hiring 24 individuals to assist the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) with data collection and data entry.

Funded by the National Dislocated Worker Grant, the program is seeking individuals who have been laid off or furloughed from their job as a direct result of COVID-19. The department is recruiting 12 data control clerks and 12 community program aides for 6-month terms. Both positions pay $10.14 an hour.

Primary duties for data control clerks include:

  • Assisting the contract tracing team with data entry of information gathered from the field and through investigations.

  • Retrieving data and data verification.


Primary duties for community program aides include:

  • Assisting program staff with disease surveillance activities and epidemiological investigations of contacts.

  • Assisting in outreach programs.


Most duties will be performed in office and over the phone.

To apply, register on hireguam.com and upload your resume. Then send an email to ndwg.hiring@dol.guam.gov with your full name, contact information and the position in which you are interested.


Priority is given to individuals who meet the criteria below:

  • laid off as a result of a quarantine, because they miss work to care for a family member, or because they cannot come to their regular workplace in order to follow social distancing requirements; and

  • workers laid off after a business closure related to disruptions caused by the outbreak and the efforts to contain it.

  • A self-employed worker who became unemployed or significantly under-employed as a result of the disaster or emergency.


To apply:


For the latest information on COVID-19, visit dphss.guam.gov or guamrecovery.com. For inquiries on COVID-19, contact 311 through a local number, or call the Joint Information Center at (671) 478-0208/09/10.



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