JIC Release No. 28 - Utility Update: Guam Power Authority

JIC Release No. 28 - Utility Update: Guam Power Authority

Utility Update: Guam Power Authority 


The Guam Power Authority (GPA) continues its systematic Typhoon Mangkhut power recovery and restoration. Ninety-seven (97%) percent of the island is restored with power. As customer load continues to increase, island wide power system reliability will continue to stabilize. 

GPA is working full force in the north, central and southern sectors. GPA crews continue their 24- hours/7-days work schedules, clearing all paths to bring power to all customers who can safely receive the service. 

On Saturday, September 15, 2018, GPA crews continue working systematically: 

  • Clearing paths and making repairs for restoration to loop in and energize all of southern Guam 
  • Working to bring power to customers without power; who have yet to receive power. 
  • Respond to trouble calls and reports of low voltage, flickering power, power fluctuations, downed power lines 
  • To energize all GDOE schools 
  • Focusing on making repairs in the more challenging village and neighborhood areas where clusters of customers do not have power, but their surrounding neighbors do
All GPA customers are advised that periodic or multiple 30-minute outages or power interruptions may occur throughout the post-storm restoration period, as the island wide power system continues to stabilize: 
  1. For any emergency situation 
  2. To allow GPA to energize additional customers onto a circuit serving an area already energized 
  3. Or, when an already energized power line fails after being energized, from heat causing weak points on a line restored after typhoon damage
Customers and residents are continually reminded that safety is paramount for all working crews. Working systematically and safely each step of the way, GPA will complete power restoration island wide. Every customer’s electrical power who can receive the service will be restored.  

Customers should immediately call GPA's 24-Hour Trouble Dispatch at 475-1472/3/4 to report all emergency and safety issues: 

  1. vegetation existing and/or falling onto power lines 
  2. sparking on power lines 
  3. fallen lines 
  4. blown fuses 
  5. transformer issues 
  6. broken cross-arms 
  7. damaged insulators 
  8. other power line and pole top issues affecting their service 

  1. low voltage power 
  2. over voltage conditions; extremely bright lights 
  3. partial power 
  4. power fluctuations 
  5. flickering power 
  6. interruptions of service despite being previously energized 

Fallen or downed power lines should be considered energized or “LIVE.” Never attempt to contact the downed lines in order to avoid severe injury or death. Immediately call GPA's 24-Hour Trouble Dispatch at 475-1472/3/4 to report all downed power lines. 


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