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JIC Release No. 12 - Typhoon Wutip Continues Northwest; Prepare for Winds to Pick Up

The National Weather Service (NWS) Guam Weather Forecast Office continues to monitor Typhoon Wutip as it moves northwest and intensifies. Guam remains in Condition of Readiness 2. There has been no significant change in track.

As of 10 p.m., Typhoon Wutip was located 9.9 degrees north latitude and 145.0 degrees east longitude. It is currently 245 miles south of Guam moving northwest at 15 mph.

Wutip has maximum sustained winds of 115 mph. On its current track, it is forecasted to make its closest point of approach (CPA) approximately 130 – 150 miles away from Guam between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

What to expect with the current track:
  • Damaging winds of 39 - 47 mph with gusts up to 60 mph in heavy showers as early as 9 a.m. Saturday through Sunday evening, which is longer than previous storms
  • CPA is expected for a long period between Saturday night and Sunday morning
  • 6-8 inches of rainfall are expected at Wutip’s passage but may increase depending on storm’s proximity

People are urged to remain indoors because of the potential for worsening conditions throughout Sunday.
Hazardous weather will remain even after the storm's closest point of approach has passed.

“I want to remind everyone to please remain vigilant. This storm will bring a considerable amount of wind and rain for an extended period of time, so please prepare accordingly,” said Acting Governor Tenorio. “We will continue to monitor this storm closely and pray for our island’s safety.”

Any northward track of the typhoon would bring higher damaging winds and possibly even destructive winds to Guam. Stay up to date with any changes to Conditions of Readiness or significant changes to the storm’s track.

GIAA Provides Information on Affected Flights    
PR 110 A321 1405 CANCELLED MANILA Cancelled on Saturday and Sunday due to weather
CI 025 B738 1350 CANCELLED TAIPEI Cancelled on Sunday due to weather
KE 113 B777 1435 CANCELLED INCHEON Cancelled on Saturday due to weather
KE 111 A330 0050 CANCELLED INCHEON Cancelled on Sunday due to weather
LJ 647 B738 1230 CANCELLED PUSAN Cancelled on Saturday due to weather
LJ 641 B777 1450 CANCELLED INCHEON Cancelled on Saturday due to weather
TW 311 B738 1510 CANCELLED KANSAI Cancelled on Saturday due to weather
TW 337 B738 1450 CANCELLED NAGOYA Cancelled on Saturday due to weather
TW 9235 B738 1615 CANCELLED NARITA Cancelled on Saturday due to weather

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For more information, contact the Joint Information Center at (671) 478-0208/09/10.

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June 2018 is Typhoon Preparedness Month