JIC RELEASE NO. 110 - Governor Signs Executive Orders 2020-12, 2020-13;CARES Act Budget; Economic Impact Payments


JIC RELEASE NO. 110 - Governor Signs Executive Orders 2020-12, 2020-13;CARES Act Budget; Economic Impact Payments

COVID-19 test results are reported from multiple labs at varying times of the day. Cumulative test results will be provided this evening once all tests from today are finalized.

To date, there have been 149 cases confirmed through COVID-19 testing provided with 5 deaths and 124 released from isolation. As this is an evolving situation, information is subject to change with little to no notice. 

Cases are released from isolation when at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms AND at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. 

Some cases that were previously released from isolation have returned to active isolation status after re-testing positive for COVID-19 through follow-up testing. To date, no additional cases have been linked to people released from isolation. 

For updated information on COVID-19 cases on Guam, visit the COVID-19 Dashboard at http://dphss.guam.gov/covid-19/

Executive Order 2020-12
Today, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero signed Executive Order 2020-12, which establishes Prugråman Salåppe’ Ayudon I Taotao, a direct disaster aid program that will be paid for with the Coronavirus Relief Funds authorized under the CARES Act. This local program supplements and is in addition to the Economic Impact Payment and is not subject to local income taxation. 

Individuals applying for this program will be given a one-time payment of $300 per eligible person not to exceed $1,200 per household. Factors that determine the household payment are as follows:

  • Household size
  • Gross monthly income equal to or below 165% of the federal poverty level
  • Heads of household 18 years of age or older 
  • Residency on Guam for at least 6 months 
As an example, for a household of one, 165% of the Federal Poverty Level is $1,718 a month. This adjusts with every additional individual, adult or child, in the household. In general, eligible households of four and above will receive up to $1,200. 

Using existing public assistance data from DPHSS, Prugråman Salåppe’ Ayudon I Taotao would immediately cover more than 18,000 households representing 55,000 people. First checks are anticipated to be cut on Friday, May 8, 2020. 

Residents who are already recipients of public welfare benefits or have already applied do not need to submit an application for Prugråman Salåppe’ Ayudon I Taotao. Those who may be eligible and are not currently receiving public assistance or who have not applied for public assistance may submit an application to DPHSS. Last day to apply for this program is next week Friday, May 15, 2020. 

The application can be downloaded through the following link: http://dphss.guam.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/ApplicationforPublicBenefits.pdf

Applications can be dropped off at Public Health Castle Mall, Suite 16, in Mangilao or emailed to publicassistance@dphss.guam.gov.

Executive Order 2020-13
Today, Governor Leon Guerrero also signed Executive Order 2020-13 that would take four immediate steps in increasing transparency with the use of federal funds relative to COVID-19.

EO2020-13 establishes the COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Office. The Recovery Office is responsible for working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency relative to the current disaster and is authorized to provide information, assurances, requests, or justifications on behalf of the Governor of Guam.  

Executive branch line agencies will also be required to publish their responses to requests for documents under the Sunshine Reform Act of 1999. Responses provided to requests for documents related to this emergency will be submitted to the Office of the Attorney General for posting on its website. The submission will be made no more than two business days from the date of the response to the Sunshine Act request. Executive branch line agencies will also compile all responses provided relative to this disaster since the declaration of the public health emergency on March 14, 2020 and similarly submit them to the Office of the Attorney General for posting.  

The Administration will also submit reports of expenditures for goods and services in response to and directed toward recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and this public health emergency to the Legislature and posted on the website of the Office of the Governor.

Procurement for an independent, third-party review will begin. The independent, third-party review will be performed relative to all expenditures made under the budget developed. This review will ensure compliance with applicable federal and local law and require accountability and transparency on the part of all entities involved in the utilization of CARES Act funding.

CARES Act Budget 
To assist the states and territories, the federal government has directed money in direct aid to Guam under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities (CARES) Act. As part of the CARES Act, Guam received $117,968,257.80. The budget for CARES Act funding was developed based on the United States Department of Treasury’s Guidance for State, Territorial, Local, and Tribal Governments that was issued on April 22, 2020. This budget was submitted to the Legislature today.

Economic Impact Payments
The Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT) announced today that the Guam Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Implementation Plan has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the U.S. Treasury. The IRS and the U.S. Treasury are now working on providing funding for the EIP. The EIP is a refundable credit that provides up to $1,200 for eligible individuals, up to $2,400 for joint filers, and $500 additional for each qualifying child ages 16 and under. 

DRT’s call center numbers are 635-1840/41/42/57 and 635-7603/04/06. Due to high call volumes, DRT recommends e-mailing any questions regarding the Guam EIP Program at guameip@revtax.guam.gov

For inquiries on COVID-19, contact 311 through a local number, or call the Joint Information Center at (671) 478-0208/09/10.

20.0505 SSD to Speaker Tina Muna Barnes re Executive Order No. 2020-12

20.0505 SSD to Speaker Tina Muna Barnes re Executive Order No. 2020-13



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