JIC Recovery Release No. 2 - Emergency Shelters Update; Guam EPA Updates; Services That Are Operational


JIC Recovery Release No. 2 - Emergency Shelters Update; Guam EPA Updates; Services That Are Operational

Emergency Shelters Update: 
Effectively immediately the AsTumbo Elementary School, B.P. Carbullido Elementary School, and Merizo Martyrs Memorial School shelters are closed. Residents who have been displaced by Typhoon Mawar can seek safety at the following emergency shelters:

Northern Emergency Shelters: Maria A. Ulloa Elementary School, Upi Elementary School, and Wettengel Elementary School

Central Emergency Shelters: George Washington High School

Southern Emergency Shelters: Talo’fo’fo Elementary School 

Guam EPA Issues Special Beach Advisory:
STAY OUT OF THE WATER! The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) has issued a special beach advisory for all 43 beaches which is attributed to the large amount of rain received from Typhoon Mawar. Guam EPA monitoring personnel conducted visual inspections of all 43 recreational beaches and recommended that all beaches be placed under advisory until further notice. Stormwater runoff, pooled water, or areas of flooding may contain high concentrations of unsafe bacteria
Recreational activities at unsafe beaches may result in minor illnesses such as sore throats or diarrhea. Activities might also result in more serious illnesses such as meningitis, encephalitis, or severe gastroenteritis. Children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems have a greater chance of getting sick when they come in contact with contaminated water.

Dialysis Centers Open for Services:
The Fresenius Dialysis Centers at Sinajana and Tamuning (East Agana) locations are open today. The last treatment is at 8 pm and services will close at 12 am.  Services will continue at 6 am on Saturday, May 27.

Stores Open for Limited Services:
All three Cost-U-Less locations are open for limited service and cash-only transactions until 4pm.

Pay-Less Supermarket locations are open for limited services except for the Maite and Micronesia Mall locations. 
The Joint Information Center (JIC) will continue to provide updates as they are made available. Contact the JIC at (671) 478-0208/09/10 for more information.


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