JIC Recovery Release No. 125 - FEMA Helpline Revised Hours of Operation


JIC Recovery Release No. 125 - FEMA Helpline Revised Hours of Operation

In light of decreased demand from Typhoon Mawar survivors, the FEMA helpline at 800-621-3362 is now open 19 hours daily, with revised hours from 9 p.m. (ChST) to 4 p.m. (ChST) the following day.

Guam residents who registered with FEMA for disaster assistance after Typhoon Mawar are encouraged to stay in contact with FEMA to resolve issues, provide updates on their applications or submit new information.

Applicants changing addresses, phone numbers or banking information should notify FEMA immediately. Missing or erroneous information could result in delays in receiving assistance.

Callers to the FEMA Helpline should refer to the nine-digit number they were issued at registration. This number is on all correspondence applicants receive from FEMA and is a key identifier in tracking assistance requests.

Survivors can also call the helpline to:

  • Update insurance information.

  • Receive information on the home inspection process.

  • Add or remove the name of a person designated to speak on your behalf.

  • Find out if FEMA needs more information about your claim.

  • Update FEMA on your housing situation.

  • Learn how to appeal an eligibility determination.

  • Get answers to other questions about your applications.

In addition to calling the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362, applicants may also update their information the following ways:

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