JIC Recovery Release No. 117 - Late Applications for FEMA Assistance Must be Received by Sept. 26


JIC Recovery Release No. 117 - Late Applications for FEMA Assistance Must be Received by Sept. 26

Late Applications for FEMA Assistance Must be Received by Sept. 26

The deadline for Guam residents to apply for federal assistance due typhoon Mawar was July 28, 2023. But what if you were hospitalized, or off island and unable to apply? In rare cases survivors may be eligible to submit a late application to FEMA. The deadline to submit a late application, is Sept. 26, 2023

FEMA accepts late applications if extraordinary circumstances kept you from applying before the original deadline. Interested residents who have not applied due to extenuating circumstances can still apply. FEMA will require a signed letter explaining the reason for the late application, including supporting documents that clearly state why you could not apply during the application period. This may include: Record of hospitalization, illness, or disability of the applicant or an immediate family member; Death of an immediate family member; Proof of personal or business travel that kept the applicant out of the area for the full application period; or Evidence of unique disaster-specific circumstances.

Late Application Process
Guam residents have until Sept. 26 to complete a late application for federal disaster assistance with FEMA. There are several ways to submit a late application for disaster assistance:

Apply online at DisasterAssistance.gov; Download and use the FEMA mobile app; or Call the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362.

After Applying Mail, Fax or Upload Supporting Documents

Valid documentation explaining the reason for a late application must be submitted within 60 days from the date the late application was completed. All supporting documents must be signed and dated and include the applicant’s nine-digit FEMA application number along with the disaster number (DR-4715-GU).

Documents can be mailed to:

FEMA National Processing Service Center,

P.O. Box 10055, Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055

Or faxed to: 800-827-8112, Attention: FEMA

To upload documents online: To set up an online account or upload documents, go to www.DisasterAssistance.gov and click on “Check Your Application and Log In” then follow the directions.

Visit the following links for the latest information:

For more information, contact the Joint Information Center at (671) 478-0208/09/10.




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