JIC Recovery Release No. 114 - Army Corps of Engineers Complete Typhoon Debris Clean-up in Three Villages


JIC Recovery Release No. 114 - Army Corps of Engineers Complete Typhoon Debris Clean-up in Three Villages

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) reached a milestone this week as Typhoon Mawar debris clean-up from residential rights of way (ROWs) has been finished in three villages (Humåtak, Malesso, Piti). The debris mission continues in 12 villages with the remaining localities scheduled to begin clean-up soon.

The USACE mission conducts separation and removal of eligible typhoon related debris from residential properties. Teams go street by street through each village collecting everything from construction and demolition waste to vegetative debris from ROWs, until the entire village has been cleared.

Once USACE contractors have made their rounds through a village, the local mayor is contacted and tours the village to ensure debris pick-up has been completed.

“This mission was a success for its intended purpose. The curbside debris removal provides convenience to the residents and reduces illegal dumping sites,” said Piti Mayor Jesse Alig. “The methodical execution of the removal was effective and efficient.”

Now that debris has been cleared from these villages, USACE asks that any remaining debris, including ineligible and hazardous waste, be disposed of properly and not be set in the ROW.

Certain forms of ineligible debris may be taken to one of the three Guam Solid Waste Authority (GSWA) residential transfer stations in Harmon, Hågat, and Malojloj. Transfer station operation hours are Thursday through Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A nominal fee is required for disposal of household trash.

Residents are urged to dispose of their solid waste properly. Illegal dumping is a violation of Guam law. In accordance with 10 GCA §51115(b), illegal dumping is subject to fines of up to $1,000 per day, per violation, along with the clean-up cost associated with the violation.

Households will be responsible for safely disposing of ineligible debris.

To view the Debris Mission Dashboard detailing current debris mission operations visit

Guam Debris Mission DR4715 - Dashboard (PUBLIC) (arcgis.com). For an FAQ answering common questions about the debris mission visit:

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Debris Mission FAQ | FEMA.gov. For more information on proper debris separation visit Debris Removal Guidelines for Residential Property (fema.gov)


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