JIC Recovery Release No. 110 - FEMA Mitigation Teams Engage with More Than 10,000 Guam Residents


JIC Recovery Release No. 110 - FEMA Mitigation Teams Engage with More Than 10,000 Guam Residents

FEMA Mitigation Teams Engage with More Than 10,000 Guam Residents

Although the deadline to apply for FEMA Individual Assistance has passed, FEMA’s support for Guam residents’ recovery journey remains steadfast. The FEMA Mitigation teams have been tirelessly working with the survivors to raise awareness about potential hazards, promote preparedness measures, and to emphasize on personal and community involvement in mitigating disaster risks.

By Aug. 15, FEMA Mitigation teams had interacted with more than 10,000 residents in Guam, both at the Disaster Recovery Centers and within their communities.

FEMA Mitigation specialists have engaged with 5,465 survivors at Disaster Recovery Centers. They answered various questions from these survivors on how to enhance storm resilience, and equipped the residents with informative guidance and relatable techniques for a stronger and more resilient recovery.

As part of the continued effort to meet survivors where they are, FEMA Mitigation teams also extend the mitigation support to 4,868 survivors within their own communities. The teams set up informational tables at easily accessible venues like shopping malls, local groceries, or hardware stores. At these locations, they have shared practical advice and proven tips to help the residents and communities get better prepared for future disasters. With a growing list of the outreach locations, the teams aim to make this free service available to even more residents in Guam.

According to the FEMA Mitigation specialists, safeguarding your home doesn’t have to be costly. In addition to fortifying the structure, simple actions such as pruning oversized trees and shrubs away from your house, keeping drains and gutters clear of debris, may reduce the risk of future damage.

More Information for Mitigation

·   Property Owners and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (fema.gov)

·   Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting (fema.gov)

·   Overview of FEMA P-499, 2010 Edition, Homebuilder's Guide to Coastal Construction (fema.gov)

·   Overview of FMEA P-804, 2010 Edition, Wind Retrofit Guide for Residential Buildings (fema.gov)

·   FEMA Building Science Resources to Assist with Reconstruction after an Extreme-Wind Event (fema.gov)

·   Infographic: 8 Tips to Cleanup Mold | CDC

For the latest information regarding the locations and dates of FEMA Mitigation outreach, please check the news release

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