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GHS/OCD Install Trailer-Mounted Sirens; Test to be Conducted in Mangilao

The Offices of Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense (GHS/OCD) are in the process of finalizing the installment of two trailer-mounted sirens as part of an ongoing initiative to improve mass notification and advanced warning systems.


The first trailer-mounted siren was installed today at Assumption Drive, Piti. The second trailer-mounted siren will be installed tomorrow, March 14, 2019 at the George Washington High School and tested between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.


Students and faculty of George Washington High School, the University of Guam, the Guam Community College, surrounding residential areas, and motorists can expect to hear pre-scripted voice messaging announcing the start and end of the test, and the “Alert” tone, which can be heard here: http://www.whelen.com/mass/audio/Euro%20Tones%20Wav%20Files/Alert.wav.


The trailer-mounted sirens are the first step toward an initiative to supplement the current fifteen (15) All Hazards Alert Warning System (AHAWS) sirens.


The tests of the trailer-mounted sirens are separate from the pre-scheduled monthly test of all 15 AHAWS sirens. Future tests of the AHAWS sirens will continue to be conducted on a monthly basis and will typically fall on the first Tuesday of each month.


For more information, contact Public Information Officer Jenna G. Blas at (671) 489-2540 or via email at jenna.g.blas@ghs.guam.gov.

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