Executive Order Signed; 2019 Guam State Hazard Mitigation Plan in Place

Executive Order Signed; 2019 Guam State Hazard Mitigation Plan in Place

The 2019 Guam Hazard Mitigation Plan (Guam HMP) has been approved and adopted for Guam. On Friday, July 26, then Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio signed Executive Order No. 2019-18, adopting and enacting the 2019 Guam HMP, which supersedes the 2014 Guam HMP.


Guam’s geographic location makes it more vulnerable to the effects of both natural and human-made threats. The Guam HMP is a comprehensive strategy that focuses on mitigating and reducing Guam’s exposure and vulnerability to those natural and human-made disasters.


State hazard mitigation plans must be updated and resubmitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for approval every five years. The FEMA Region IX, Mitigation Division has approved the Guam HMP effective July 26, 2019 through July 26, 2024, in accordance with the planning requirements of Title 44 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 201.4, Standard State Hazard Mitigation Plans. Significant updates from the 2014 plan to 2019 are the identified additions to the mitigation actions for Guam. The mitigation strategy has been expanded and nearly doubled from 2014 to include 60 actionable items.


“Since the Guam HMP was promulgated in 2014, there have been updates to the National Preparedness System. It is important to update our plans and procedures accordingly,” stated Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. “The 2019 Guam HMP demonstrates Guam’s continued commitment to reducing the risk of losses from natural and human-made threats and serves as a strategic planning guide for Guam’s decision-makers as they commit resources to reduce the effects of these hazards.”


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