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Conditions of Readiness

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) operates under Condition of Readiness threat levels 4 - 1 (for security threats like the one posed by North Korea). 
Normal operations or no change in threat level. In emergency planning, COR 4 is the normal, everyday condition and means there is a low risk for any type of situation. During COR 4, government operations continue as normal.
Medium risk to the island. During COR 3, the government continues to operate as normal with a few government agencies participating in emergency preparedness and planning.
Predicted threat to the island. During COR 2, the government reduces operation or suspends non-essential services. Residents and visitors will be advised to take preparedness actions. 
Imminent Threat. COR 1 means to stop what you are doing and prepare yourself for an impending emergency by sheltering in place in the nearest concrete structure. Remain indoors, away from windows, until the all clear is given. Government officials use COR 1 to indicate there is a high risk to the island from a security threat, such as a foreign military attack. During COR 1, only emergency operations are ongoing.
The moving of CORs from 4 to 1 can also be immediate. There would be movement from COR 4 to 3 to 2, in the event there were indicators or advance notice of a threat to Guam.